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Where the art of upholstery shines across all domains. From cars to sofas, boats to furniture, we bring our expertise to every project. Explore our diverse range of craftsmanship and witness how we elevate and transform each item into a masterpiece. Stay and let us inspire you with our passion for revitalizing every aspect of your world!

Before you continue exploring our website, we invite you to read some testimonials from our satisfied customers. Their experiences will give you an insight into the exceptional quality and service we provide at Manos a La Obra Ocampo. Discover why they trust us for their upholstery and repair needs!


I am delighted with my new outdoor cushions. They are durable, comfortable, and visually appealing. They are perfect for enjoying the outdoors!"


I am thrilled with my new sofa, it matches my living room decorations perfectly."


The boat seats and cushions are fantastic! They are comfortable, high-quality, and add style to my boating experience. I'm thrilled with them!"

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